Nov 142012

We’ve been rather busy of late at 139 Printroom and I’ve neglected this blog somewhat. So It”s about time I put that right.

Magnum Photos commissioned us again to make another edition of Platinum/Palladium prints. This time of James Dean, as photographed by the late Dennis Stock. The photographer and the movie star’s careers were closely linked back in the 1950s. In fact most of the iconic pictures of James Dean were shot By Dennis and here is one of them.

movie star james dean platinum print by Richard Freestone of 139 Printroom

James Dean by Dennis Stock

We were also asked to make a series of four Platinum/Palladium prints for Ian Aitken. The subjects are four of the last seven remaining Northern White Rhinos left in the wild. Once printed they were beautifully framed and exhibited at the Royal Geographic Society. If you would like to know more have a look at Ian’s website.

4 Northern White Rhinos platinum prints by Richard Freestone of 139 Printroom for Ian Aitken

4 Northern White Rhinos in Platinum/Palladium


Rhinos at RGS

Rhino prints on show at The Royal Geographic Society

I’ve also taken the time to make some prints of my own images. The delicate, soft subtle tones of 19th Century Platinum Palladium prints have always captivated me. Jack and I once spent a very enjoyable few hours in the research room at the National Media Museum in Bradford, studying Platinum Palladium prints by such luminaries as Frederick Evans and Peter Henry Emerson. It’s that delicacy that I am now endeavoring to bring to my own prints. Here is a couple of examples. You will notice that these prints have straight edges rather than the brushed or coated edges of some Platinum/Palladium prints. This is achieved by masking the negative with Rubylith film. A red film that stops any light reaching the print during exposure. So the unexposed sensitizer is simply washed away during processing.

Poppy Duo platinum print by Richard Freestone of 139 Printroom

Poppy Duo


Acer Seeds platinum print by Richard Freestone of 139 Printroom

Acer Seeds