Jul 242012

We were delighted to be commissioned by Magnum Photos to print an edition of Thomas Hoepker’s iconic image of a young Muhammad Ali. The shot was made in 1966 and I asked Thomas what it was like working with the legendary boxer. Here is his reply.

“I got this shot when I worked on a reportage on Ali in Chicago in 1966. I watched him during training in the gym and during a short brake he saw me sitting there in a corner. He danced up to me, stopped briefly in front of my seat and threw three quick punches in my direction. Then Ali turned around and was gone. Only one shot is sharp, the other two underexposed. There was very little light.
Later I visited with Ali in different years and places, also shooting color. But this snap became the Signature image of my series. I have just published a book on Ali, called CHAMP”.
Muhammad Ali by Thomas Hoepker (Magnum Photos) a platinum print by Richard Freestone of 139 Printroom

Muhammad Ali by Thomas Hoepker (Magnum Photos)